Saturday, 20 October 2012

Je ne sais quoi.

Finally Saturday. It’s sunny outside and the post-move blues are starting to be gone (hopefully!). The first couple of weeks here in Bratislava were awfully exciting. They were followed by a crazy tiredness accompanied by a total lack of inspiration. This lack of inspiration has perhaps been the worst part to deal with because in my case it really has really been complete– I would walk into a supermarket and walk around for ages because I was completely undecided on what to buy (and ended up buying something like yoghurt and coke) because I didn’t feel like cooking (or eating anything), and the same would apply to everything else I normally enjoy doing.
Now the inspiration is back, maybe not in full force but I can feel it tease my mind. My laptop is filled with recipes that I like to try out, the gym program is ready and eager to be used, I find myself glancing at some books and thinking about translation, the pile of uni work is huge but appealing. And one of these days (or more precisely, when I get paid) I will go to a book shop and spend my earnings on lots of books.

Today it’s finally Saturday and it’s sunny outside. Most of the day will be dedicated to read up on legal pluralism, but a long walk in the sun and coffee with acquaintances and strangers alike is also on the agenda.

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