Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Chocolate, Coca Cola & Cheese–Do All Good Things In Life Begin With C?

Random thoughts. Nothing much has been on my mind lately. Or, well. There has, but very few of those thoughts actually make sense. They are just bits and pieces of some greater context that is still hidden somewhere among the myriad of other contexts lost deep down inside.


  • How “fluent” could one (yours truly) become in a foreign language (Slovak) in say, two months? At the moment I have reached a very impressive stage: when accidentally bumping into a neighbour in the elevator, I don’t start screaming, I say “ahoj”. If I’m having a good day, I may even be able to mumble “dobre rano"/”dobry den"/”dobry vecer” (including funny figures on letters). It can’t be very difficult to become more fluent than that. For some strange reason Slovak children like saying “ahoj” to me a lot. Maybe they are interested in aliens?
  • Christmas is coming and the evil people at the supermarkets are trying to force us, poor sods, to buy loads of chocolate through some very clever strategic planning. There is no such thing as free will when chocolate is concerned.
  • Certain adjectives should be banned. Entirely. People spend too much time trying to live up to some certain adjective (which in this case may describe a norm or an ideal state), which, at the end of the day, is complete waste of time. Unless you plan on becoming delightful, life won’t change much anyway.
  • Some foreign films have Czech subtitles in Slovakia. The funniest letter in the Czech alphabet is ů.


  • Everyone should try to move abroad at least once in their life. The greatest lesson is that the myth of starting anew will be broken. No matter where we are and what we do, our selves will remain the same. A new place can offer us new friends and acquaintances, new experiences. These might influence us, but we are still the same as we have always been. In the best of cases, we will be challenged to be a little bit braver, a little bit better.
  • Maybe the greatest thing that can be given to another person, apart from love, is understanding and the knowledge that no matter what they are going through, they are not alone. Life ties us into knots sometimes, that’s when we need a kind soul to help with the unknotting.

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ender said...

Of course not everything good starts with a C... my name starts with an M.