Sunday, 3 June 2012

Vill man vara fin får man lida pin.

Today I returned to two old favourites at the gym: Body Pump and pilates.
I used to do Body Pump a lot when I lived in Spain. After moving back to Finland I've attended BP once in a while (something like every 2-3 months) in order to spice up life a little. I personally find "normal" strength training more effective than hurrying through the whole body in an hour. But - sometimes it's fun.
Pilates, on the other hand, almost killed me today. It's known to be a somewhat mild form of training. Yeah, right. My lower body was feeling slightly sore before class, right now I can't walk properly. I suspect that the efficiency of pilates depends on the teacher, though. Our teacher is the sweetest and most harmless person ever, but she can be very cruel when it comes to counting down the seconds.
I try to add as much pilates and yoga as possible to my training (for both the flexibility and the mind) but unfortunately those are the classes that I first cancel. I'll try to change that. 

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