Saturday, 2 June 2012

Goulash In Pictures...

...until I find a Hungarian babushka (or nagymama) who will be willing to invite me to try her delicious (and traditional) goulash, I'm more than happy with the one I make myself. This time I used minced meat, mushrooms, yellow pepper, tomatoes, carrot, onion, potato, tomato from a tin and chili peppers. If anyone wants the recipe, give me a shout!

                                                          The spices + herbs that I used.

The secret lies in the paprika (or in this case, pimenton). Add paprika every single time you add a new ingredient, starting with the oil. 

That's enough food for an army. Well, almost. Secret number two: the longer it's simmering, the better the taste!

                                                                      Yay, spicy stuff.

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