Saturday, 2 June 2012

Can't Sleep.

The town is dark and everything is silent. It's well past midnight. Only the rain and the birch leaves can be seen flapping in the street light. I tried to sleep but my head keeps twisting and turning. There is so much to do. Work applications and gym planning. Tonight I drafted a workout program for our trip to Spain. Kicki and I might not be the fittest people in the gym but at least we love it so much that we can't go abroad without a plan. And let's not mention how much I love the planning itself: thinking about supersets and reps and which muscles should be trained on what day and how much cardio is enough.It's so much fun.
This isn't all that is on my mind, though. A friend of mine had some interesting comments today. I appreciate the honesty and the thought-provoking cleverness. You know who you are. 
I don't really like the taste of chamomille tea. It's too bitter. I'll try to drink it, though.

Good night, world!

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