Saturday, 30 June 2012

На ногах не стоит человек.

There is something special about travelling by train. It’s peaceful, people are quiet. It’s the perfect place to read poetry and think about life and other important things.
Below you can find the first lines from Alexander Blok’s poem двенадцать (The Twelve). The translation is my own.

     Черный вечер.
     Белый снег.
     Ветер, ветер!
     На ногах не стоит человек.
     Ветер, ветер -
     На всем божьем свете!

     Завивает ветер
     Белый снежок.
     Под снежком - ледок.
     Скользко, тяжко,
     Всякий ходок
     Скользит - ах, бедняжка!
Black evening.
White snow. 
Wind, wind!
The man cannot stand on his feet.
Wind, wind!
On all of God’s earth!
The wind is twisting
The white snow.
Under the snow, there is a crust of ice.
Slippery, hard,
Every walker slips – oh, you poor thing!


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