Monday, 16 January 2012

The Walk

Beach 2012, here we come! My plan was to start morning cardio (in the form of good ol’ walking) when it’s light enough in the morning – but instead of waiting until March/April, my first morning walk took place today. I must admit that it felt very good during the walk, and even better afterwards. It was quite surprising, since I’m known to hate the winter and the cold. Usually I hide inside the house and refuse to go outside unless someone pushes me out through the door. The weather was wonderful this morning; a couple of degrees below zero and it wasn’t snowing until the very end. I will definitely continue with these walks whenever the weather permits them, because they are so good for both the body, and the mind.


This week’s exercise plan looks like this:


Monday: morning walk + strength training (legs + abs), possibly some running/walking.

Tuesday: pilates + running

Wednesday: strength training (chest + shoulders + triceps) + dance class *help*

Thursday: yoga

Friday: strength training (back + biceps + abs) + running

Saturday: DAY OFF *smile* (or maybe to the swimming pool with TT?)

Sunday:  strength training (triceps + biceps), pilates + running


Morning walks: at least three, ideally four or five, times during weekdays


And then the running plan, which is quite simple: 5K each time. I have a time from the beginning of the month that I want to improve as much as possible.

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