Tuesday, 17 January 2012

3rd Cup of Coffee

Yesterday, at 7.25 am I passed the library. And I remembered many good moments. It’s funny that the library should be a person’s feel-good-place, but that’s exactly what it is for me. It’s the place to go to feel better, to absorb all the knowledge and inhale all the stories that are fighting for space on the shelves. Being surrounded by books is the best thing I know. I haven’t been to the library for a long time now; there has not been any practical need for it, nor time. But now I feel that I need to go there soon: randomly pick a book (or three), sit down in a corner, somewhere near a big window, and just read while sipping on some coffee/tea/battery.   


At the moment the following things make my heart skip a beat:


Ambition, Art, Accents, Adventures


Coffee, Cooking, Challenges


Energy, Equality, Exoticness
Friendship, Fitness, Fruit
Gym, Goals

Honesty, Hungarian


Joie de vivre


Languages, Laughter


Novelty, Novels


Politics, Psychology, Projects

Running, Respect, Russian

Sunshine, Summer, Solidarity, Society, Sherlock Holmes

Travelling, Tea






The good thing about lists like this one is that they remind us of all the things we enjoy. Tip: on a bad day - check your list, pick an activity and DO it.


1 comment:

Satu said...

Ei kai noista aakkosista jäänyt puuttumaan jotain? ;)

B Battery
C Cats
M Mimi
T Tomi

Vai olikohan tämä minun listani... O:)