Sunday, 1 January 2012


Many bloggers make summaries of the past year – in pictures or in words they tell us about their feelings, experiences and adventures.

I’m not going to this, because – let me be completely honest – I  feel far too lazy to even think about 2011. Instead I want to focus on the new year, and all that it will bring. I think that attitude determines the outcomes of many things, and right now my attitude could best be described as motivated. There is so much I want to this year, there are places I want to go, people I want to meet and things I want to explore.

There are some things I want to focus on. Travelling is important for the soul, but unfortunately it has recently consisted of ferry-hopping between this island and Stockholm. I’m at least hoping for three “big” trips this year. Beach 2012 is still on. What drives me is mostly the curiosity to see what I can achieve. I also want to run a half-marathon this year. It’s something I’ve talked about for a long time, but never really taken the thought much further. Another aspect of fitness is food and nutrition. Trying out new cuisines and testing new recipes is a lot of fun! Work is on my mind – I will have my current job until mid-March. The situation worries me slightly, but at the same time I see this as an opportunity to find something that is closer related to my own field. My studies will continue as before: the subjects really fascinate me and I feel lucky that I have this opportunity to pursue my interests. Spirituality is important: I spent a fair amount of time on spiritual questions in 2011, I hope to be able to dedicate more time the spiritual and philosophical schools that are close to my heart. And why not explore other ones: there can never be too much knowledge.

The keywords for 2012 will be: adventure, knowledge, kindness, balance, compassion,  laughter, passion, curiosity, fitness, simplicity, spirituality and optimism. These are the words I want to be actively apparent in my life.

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knickknacks said...

Happy 2012, lady!! :)