Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Duck Has Returned

Hi friends, greetings from the ice age.


Yesterday I engaged in too much exercise, so today I would happily have stayed in bed. Here are some thoughts on Beach 2012.


  • I feel like an elephant. Can exercise make you fatter? The answer is probably no (if you eat as before), so I need to check up on either my eating habits or the mean voices in my head.
  • My improvements in running are excellent. It’s really rewarding to see the improvement in speed and stamina. I’m still quite slow, though, so there is plenty of room for development!
  • I’m hooked on Bodycombat. It’s so much fun! For the ones who don’t what it is: Bodycombat is a form of exercise that belongs to the Les Mills-family. Basically it mixes different forms of martial arts and brings them together to form an efficient cardio workout. There is a lot of kicking and punching against invisible opponents -> perfect stress-release. This kind of training has awoken my interest for martial arts.
  • Resting is not overestimated. The body needs rest sometimes, and my day of rest is today. The plan? To do laundry, watch Sherlock Holmes and get some reading done for my dissertation.
  • I’m very glad that exercise has become a part of my life. It’s a lot fun and seeing the change (except for the part where I feel like an elephant) is both inspiring and motivating.  


What else? Well, it’s sunny outside, which means I’ll walk home.

And soon it’s weekend again, yay!

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