Sunday, 22 January 2012

Thoughts On Week 3

Firstly, it didn’t go according to plan, but I’m quite satisfied anyway.


Monday: morning walk + strength training (triceps + biceps) 40 mins.

Tuesday: bodycombat

Thursday: walk, 5 km/45 minutes

Friday; running 5 km/31 minutes, 30 seconds + abs 15-20 minutes

Sunday: pilates (emphasis on back and shoulders) 1 h, running 4 km/25 minutes + lots of walking


My goal for next week is to keep it simple, but do strength training 3 times and running 3 times. I also need to go to yoga because my body feels extremely stiff. We’ll see how that goes because I’ve already signed up for HIT and bodycombat: they are both very useful (and fun!) forms of exercise, but I don’t exactly have too much time on my hands. 

Today I also discovered a good song to run to. Come on, don’t tell me you don’t feel like running fast when you hear this Smile 

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