Monday, 28 March 2011

Vanha suola janottaa…

The Finnish expression literally means “old salt makes you thirsty “ Basically it means that a person is attracted to an old flame. But what if it isn’t an old flame, but a something or someone you quickly licked and the salty taste refuses to leave your tongue?

Today, while walking among the palm trees, I was listening to Tose Proeski and suddenly my mind had transported itself across Europe to the Balkans -  there I was sitting on a green hill under a tree, just enjoying the sunshine. (now, I have no idea where this very romantic idea I have of the Balkans originates). I actually even felt a sudden sting, a feeling very similar to pain, in my heart right then. Again, I have never even been to that part of Europe but as soon as I come into contact with it in one way or another, I start behaving like a lovesick teenager. 

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