Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Smoothie Season Starts NOW

This has been quite an interesting day with a lot of discoveries and nice conversations. Now it’s 1.30 am and I should be up and excited six hours from now… yeah baby.

As the post title implies, today was a smoothie day: mango, kiwi, banana and pineapple juice make a very tasty combo.


Now I’m off to bed, because I know I have something absolutely exciting* to look forward to:

P(A|B) = \frac{P(B | A)\, P(A)}{P(B)}.

It looks harmless enough but believe me, for someone who’s been stuffing her brain full of languages for the past 25 years or so, any kind of equation is deadly poison.

*not as exciting as when I was so into international relations that I woke up to have conversations with good old Volodya about world politics. Unfortunately Volodya has been dead for a long, long time, which might make me seem a bit crazy.


Natalie said...

Oh my. As a language sort of person, that equation just looks scary to me!

Allie said...

dear god why are you doing maths?
I couldn't even look at that equation.

Zsuzsi said...

Natalie, I completely agree with you! It really is scary :)

Allie, apparently one is supposed to have some sort of functional knowledge of probability theory in order to analyse decisions/risks/policies. Basically, in order to make a good decision, you need to be able to assess the uncertainties that are related to the problem.
I'm not very happy about this, but then again... I'm learning something new.