Saturday, 5 March 2011

Problems And Their Solutions

Life has an interesting way of throwing problems at us on a regular basis. Some problems are small, others are deadly serious, and then there are those that are just plain annoying. The challenge, then, is to find a satisfactory solution to whatever problem it is that needs to be solved.

I’m obviously writing this because I have a problem that needs solving SmileLately I’ve been extremely tired: we’re not talking “slightly sleepy” here, a more correct expression would rather be “the kind of fatigue that would knock out a horse”. This usually occurs after a meal: it doesn’t even have to be a big meal. The other day I had a small bowl of lentils and ended up completely exhausted. Another symptom, and related to the fatigue it would seem, is extreme bloating. I use the word extreme, because it really doesn’t feel nice to look (and feel) like a woman who is 3 months pregnant.

According to various sources, bloating can be caused by certain foods, allergies, other illnesses, or simply one’s diet. Knowing the real cause would obviously be the best option, but I think I’ll use myself as a guinea pig and experiment with my eating habits first…

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