Monday, 7 March 2011

Great Weekend–And A Wonderful Week Ahead

The weekend was absolutely fabulous, although I ended up doing the things I wanted instead of the things that I should have done: shopping (and gossiping) with a good friend, a really long walk with another, basketball (our team won, wohoo!), the first orxata of the year , some exercising, reading, good food, and the the list goes on.

The week ahead really excites me: not only because I’m going up north again… nooo, there are lots of other things to look forward to, starting right now Smile

Now my coffee cup is empty so it’s time for some chest &back  training…. and after that to the hairdresser.

Wishing you all a very nice Monday and a very lovely, and springy, week!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had such a great weekend! Enjoy your next northerly trip and don't forget to show us your new 'do!

Googlover/keishua said...

That sounds like a swell weekend.I love weekends like that. They just take your breathe away and refresh you.Your upcoming trip sounds like a great adventure.