Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Little Things To Be Happy About

One thing that I try to remember every day is that it’s the little things that makes us happy, and no matter how bleak life might seem, we need to hold on to those things and appreciate them. When we do that, nothing is impossible!

To be completely honest, the last few days have been great (if we forget about the whole probability theory thing Smile). There are so many great things happening right now. First of all I’m really, really happy because two of my best friends will be visiting soon with their boyfriends. I don’t see them a lot, so it’ll be great to enjoy spring with them!


And, as I’ve mentioned at least ten times – spring is here! Today we had lunch outside, and very few things beat the combination of sunshine, great company and delicious food!

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yrkesskadad said...

Is that where you live?? Really looking forward to se you to hun! :)