Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Ein Hallöchen aus der Schweiz

I might have been dreaming about Moscow last night, but right now I’m enjoying the ultimate Swiss experience: people watching and studying at Zürich airport. Unfortunately a) it’s too dark to see any mountains, b) my connecting flight is too early tomorrow morning for any sightseeing and c) the thing about people watching was a joke because there really aren't that many people to watch.

But it’s OK: I’ve been given some Swiss chocolate and to my own delight I noticed that I actually understand German quite well, even Schweizerdeutsch…  OH! And right now I’m eavesdropping on a couple of Polish girls, perfect! Smile

And here’s what I’m missing:



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Anonymous said...

Ah, if it makes you feel any better, we're missing it together! :-) Love the Russia photos BTW, the bottom one could be a Christmas card...How's that for irony?