Friday, 16 April 2010

Zsuzsi Abroad pt. VI

Moscow is not Russia. The Russian capital is a city that never sleeps, a city that reminds of all other metropolis but which still possesses its own specific character. It’s  crazy, mad, and absolutely gorgeous.

You can walk down a street that seems completely ordinary, then suddenly you bump into something like this:




Moscow is famous for quite a few things: the metro is one. The Moscow metro is one of the cleanest and most beautiful metroes in the world. And if you survive it at rush hour, you will probably have gained enough patience and stamina to go through with any kind of ordeal. I kid you not, approximately 9 million people use the metro daily. It’s the most efficient way to get around the city, and it’s cheap.


So what should you do if you ever end up in Moscow. Well, the list is endless, but I will give you my top four:

Visit the Kremlin.Behind these walls a lot of important decisions have been made, and the Red Square is the place where it happens.



Go for a walk: the city centre is so beautiful, and this way you will see everything. Just remember to bring a pair of comfy shoes. 


Culture: theatre, ballet, circus. Have your pick: it’s world class and it’s cheap. Moscow also hosts a lot of interesting expositions which may well be worth attending. Oh, and did I mention the museums and galleries: comfy shoes are a MUST again. I would personally recommend you to go to The State Tretyakov Gallery to check out some paintings by Vasily Kandinsky.


Eat! you can eat anything in Moscow, but I’d recommend you to taste a) Russian food (which is really tasty) and b) Caucasian food. It’s about the yummiest thing you could ever eat.



knickknacks said...

I would love to visit Russia someday but Spain would be first on my list! :) So many beautiful places so little time!

Zsuzsi said...

I'd recommend you both!!