Thursday, 1 April 2010

Skin Gone Crazy

A while ago I found my absolute favourite foundation really cheap... and a week later I dropped it on the floor, splash, and the beautiful bottle from Lancome was just a memory. Usually I don't ask for help when buying make-up (it's rather silly, isn't it?), but today I made an exception. The girl recommended Clarins Everlasting Foundation: and on the paper it sounds like a keeper. SPF 15, it's supposed to last up to 15 hours, it's not too thick but it covers well. There are also shades that are pale enough. It's quite pricey, but I'd rather spend some money on a good product instead of buying a lot of cheap ones that don't work.

My skin has switched to crazy-mode and I'm in complete despair at the moment. We are talking about extremely dry cheeks (sometimes it feels like I can't move my face... or maybe someone has injected me with botox without me noticing?) combined with ugly spots in horrible places. Although my face has always been prone to redness, it still looks good (if we ignore the spots), and there are no signs of ageing. I have been given some tips from people who know something about these things, and I thought I'd share them with you.

  • use facial soap/cleanser only once (in the evening). In the morning water is more than sufficient. The face should be clean at this point of the day anyway.
  • avoid all "extra" products, including clarifying lotion and serums.  They might be too strong for sensitive skin.
  • almost any moisturiser will do (even cheap ones), but it has to be mild. 
  • drink plenty of water.
  • avoid foods that are known to affect your skin (in my case it's alcohol and probably chocolate)
  • avoid using make-up
Do you have any tips for great skin?


knickknacks said...

I've got pretty sensitive skin myself. Took me a while to find even the right facial moisturizer. So far the one that works best for me is La Roche Porsay. I'm not much of a make-up user so I am good there. But no way am I going to stay away from chocolates! (or alcohol for that matter ;))

Anonymous said...

thank you for the tips. i'm currently using olay day cream and loreal night cream. Works best for me =)

smoking is bad for the skin too and i smoke =S

Zsuzsi said...

Knickknacks: yup, staying away from chocolate and alcohol is the hard bit.

vila dines: I think everyone is entitles to a vice or two, so maybe yours is smoking? :) I've heard lots of good things about Olay, but don't think it's possible to get it up here in the middle of nowhere :(