Friday, 16 April 2010

Todays Whys and Todays Pics

Dear Friends: why do you not reply to my text messages? I sincerely hope that you haven’t choked on Icelandic volcano ashes and died.

Dear Random Woman in Stockholm: why on earth did you paint your eyebrows purple? Please keep in mind that that looks even worse than dark lipliner combined with light lipstick. And use a mirror next time.

Dear Random Translator: why do you translate texts into Swedish if you don’t know even the most basic grammar rules?

Dear Weatherman: why are temperatures still below 0 at night? FYI: it’s APRIL.

Dear Spanish Universities: why don’t any other universities offer degrees in International Relations than the ones in Madrid and Barcelona?

And now to the pics. #1: guess where I am right now:


#2: a horrible pic of my outfit, just so that you, dear Readers, will live a bit longer (because of the good laugh you will get, of course). And yes, bending down in that skirt is quite impossible.



knickknacks said...

The weather has been erratic over here as well. It is freezing one day and freakin' hot on another.

Can't guess where you are in the pic but it seems like paradise! =)

And you look just fine in that outfit! Not everyone can fit in those tight pants ya know! ;)

Zsuzsi said...

Cheers :)