Saturday, 3 April 2010

Far, far away from civilization

No electricity (that means NO TV), no people, no cars, no sounds.. just peace, candlelight and a lot of books.

CIMG0575 CIMG0573 CIMG0579 CIMG0572 CIMG0577 CIMG0583 CIMG0590 CIMG0594 CIMG0600 CIMG0605 CIMG0611 CIMG0610


knickknacks said...

Wow..sounds both exciting and yet pretty scary at the same time! Looks really cold too! How was the trip like? Did you manage to keep warm?

Zsuzsi said...

Actually, it was surprisingly warm in the cottage :) It's a great place for re-charging the batteries and just relaxing (much better in the summer though!!)