Saturday, 8 August 2009

Women really aren´t that complicated...

... if she says that she is cold or her neck hurts, it really means that she wants a hug or a massage, and it should be obvious to every human being. Why? Well, women are quite good at taking paijavascript:void(0)n and other physical nuisances (does child birth or horrible period pains ring a bell to anyone?), so if we complain, it logically means that we want our feelings to be acknowledged. Furthermore, pure logic dictates that your second half wants what's best for you. If you know the other person is suffering (even if it's from a non-existent draught), why would you not want to make her feel better? The reason women do not ask for the massage/hug/whatever in the first place is that she does not want to seem horrible and demanding.

... never criticise her looks. Ever. Most women are highly cricial of themselves, and they are aware of every flaw of their body. If you think she's a bit chubby, she probably considers herself an elephant and suffers accordingly. Instead you should support her and give her compliments, especially about the body parts she is least happy about.

... do not look at or talk about other women when your girlfriend/wife is around. Whereas most women do acknowledge that the world is full of gorgeous ladies and that men have a tendency to let their eyes wander, they would like to tell themselves that they are perfect in their boyfriend's eyes (and this is a bit difficult to believe if your boyfriend keeps checking out stunning blondes that are about two metres tall and who have been improved the unnatural way). There is also a difference between, say a hollywood starlet and the neighbour; we can all safely agree that film stars are very pretty, but the neighbour is just too close to your doorstep, she just is, exists.

... remember her favourites: cook her favourite food, rent her favourite film, get her favourite flowers. You get the point, show her that you really know her.

... a kiss and a hug cures grumpiness. Women usually need more closeness than men (we are talking about cuddles now, not sex), when she feels comfortable and loved, she will also be happier.

... remember, her hormones might have a life of their own. Let her rage, and accept her apologies afterwards.

... last but not least - according to social norms your average woman should be pretty; friendly; funny; stunning; like sex but not be a slut; not be to straighforward because girls are not supposed to be cocky; happy; smart but not too intelligent; have a great career; make babies before turning 30; keep the house clean; stay fit by exercising constantly; have a great sense of style; renew her wardrobe twice a year; know how to wear high heels; go to the hairdresser every six weeks; remember people's birthdays; know how to cook; be in a relationship (or there is something wrong with you); take care of herself, her friends and her family; travel the world; avoid credit card debts; stay far way from physical imperfections; know a lot of jokes; be cool; stay super healthy and so the list goes on...

And at the end of the day, she probably just wants to be with someone who accepts her the way she is and will give her a hug when she needs it.


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