Monday, 17 August 2009

Good friends and intensive language training

Today I have spent all day in the company of good friends. First I hooked up with a friend at the library (the number one meeting place in Mariehamn) - it was so funny as we didn't recognise each other (I have gone blonde and she has dyed her hair brown!) at first. We managed to recap the last year and a half of our lives at high speed over raspberry smoothies, before going for ice cream (pear... yummy!).
After that meeting I went to see another old friend of mine, and I simultaneously got to practise my Polish language skills. Although the girl knows some Swedish, our language of communication has always been Polish. The first time we met on Friday was weird; she spoke a mix of Polish, Swedish and English. I, in turn, babbled away in Polish, Russian and Spanish. But, we understood each other perfectly! In general, I'm quite satisfied with myself, although yes and no are completely messed up. No in Polish can be translated as yeah, and all evening I have been trying to give my affirmation with a No, no even when speaking Spanish.
All in all, it has been a good day with great company!

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