Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Lists of things to do

First things first, before getting on the plane next Wednesday at 7.00 pm, these things should have been crossed off the list.


* Go for dinner with some friends on Saturday - because meeting friends is always very much fun

* Go to hairdresser on Friday - it's an emergency

* Pack - need to bring some clean socks

* Gift hunting - to show people that they are worth it

* Print ticket - to get through check-in

* Print the "reading" for trip - to avid boredom and to extend the intellect

* Buy Valencian wine (how and where is still a mystery) and ham. Possibly also olive oil and paella rice.  - because it tastes good.

*Clean house - it's always nicer to come back to a tidy place.

* Get music for mp3 - entertainment

* Make a CD with Spanish music - promised someone

* Go to Druni for various things - because I'm a girl?

* Write several letters  - i'm soo behind with this

* Study a module or two - better to do it now than later



Things to do in Finland


* Meet friends for a gossip marathon - haven't seen them for YEARS!

* Party (Saturday) - family, friends and lots of good food.

* Massage (Tuesday) - heavenly + quailty time with my mum

* Lahti (Wed-Thu) - more relatives and ski-jumper-spotting.

* Spa with grandma - the jacuzzi is quite cool and swimming is fun!

* Study - need to get as much done as possible before September when the craziness begins.

* Shopping: 2nd hand, tea, dry bread, pages for filofax, facial products, magazines, books, underwear - because it´s so much better there than here

* Send books in the post, esp. the Russian ones + Hungarian dictionary - because they are collecting dust under my brother's bed.

* Cuddle with cats - the most cuddleable cats in the world.

* Study again - see above.

* Take advantage of the cooler weather and go running - because it's healthy.

* Look for "Män som hatar kvinnor" ("The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo", "Los hombres que no amaban a las mujeres") on dvd. - because original versions are always better than dubbed ones.



And things to do just in general but asap.


*Sort out studies + course lit.  



And now back to work… although the builders singing along to Fito are quite distracting!

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