Thursday, 6 August 2009

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Yey, one more hour and I'm off for my summer holiday.  There is so much to look forward to; tonight I'm looking forward to cuddle with both my boyfriend and the dog, maybe watch a film and eat some popcorn, tomorrow the hairdresser will give me a nice head massage. Maybe there will time over for arguing with the lady at the bank. On Saturday I'll be going out with a friend who's come down from Madrid. On Sunday we are having lunch with my boyfriend's mum and on Monday I will put the music on and clean our house. Tuesday is reserved for last-minute panicking.


I can already tick off a couple of things from the list of things to do that I wrote the other day:  one of my borthers has his gift ready, we found some wine in the cupboard "by accident" and the plane ticket is printed. And I've been studying a bit, although it's more like revising the things we learnt at uni (the things we swore to forget the day after sitting the exam… err…)  




In the spirit of lists, I will begin with a summary of all the physical activity I have done this far this week:


Monday:     70 min walking (to work and back)

            10 min skipping as warm-up (it's been a while now so it was fairly exhausting)

            30 min legs and core (pilates)


Tuesday:    70 min walking (to work and back) + a little walk in the evening


Wednesday:  70 min walking (to work and back)

            30 min pilates on the ball (core) - not the most effective work-out as it was quite impossible to stay                 concentrated.


Thursday    70 min walking (to work and back)





Sebastián Moncho said...

You walk too much :S

Zsuzsi said...

Well... it's a good way to keep somewhat fit AND it really wakes you up in the morning:)