Thursday, 3 April 2014

Warsaw Calling!

Hi Readers and Happy April and Hello from Warsaw!

That was a lot of greeting phrases. As you may guess from the subject of this post, I am still in Warsaw. The city is a real treat and will get its own post in due time.

I have found some random sources of inspiration that are in no way connected to each other.

  • Source of inspiration #1: twarożek śniadaniowy. Polish breakfast cottage cheese. And Polish food in general. This relates to a greater fascination with food. I'm looking for ways to implement greener eating habits to my world. 

  • Source of inspiration #2: to survive "the struggle". Now, in all honesty, my life is NOT much of a struggle.However, I have been discussing a lot of things with people lately and there is a wish to simplify life, to be closer to nature and to enjoy life. And quite honestly, now is the perfect moment to do that for me personally. 

  • Travelling. Travelling is enlightening. Yesterday I met a friend whom I hadn't seen for 10 years. 10 YEARS. Imagine that. We sat down at a table and discussed life for a good few hours. Life nowadays entails a lot of balancing and expectations. 

Wishing everyone a happy Thursday!

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