Monday, 7 April 2014

dva dni, tri dni

Two days from now will be the last day of living here in Bratislava. Three days from now I will already be in Stockholm.

The past few days have been hectic, with a lot of packing and goodbyes. I feel overwhelmed and somewhat melancholic. The experience here in Bratislava has been fantastic.

I will probably try to sum up the whole experience in separate posts. However, one thing I can say now already. Since a very young age I have been attracted to Central and Eastern Europe. While living here I have been very much inspired by people and by stories. It’s a different type of inspiration that I ever experienced at “home”. In fact, most of these stories I want to write down.

The name of this blog will probably need to change. The stories will no longer be from Bratislava. Will need to think about that. Any suggestions?


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