Sunday, 20 April 2014

"Välkommen till landet lagom är bäst" *

Welcome to Sweden!

With the risk of being totally politically incorrect, I never thought I'd live in Sweden. Or even give it a chance.
Well, here we are.

In the country where "lagom"** is best. In a country where the political correctness astonishes even me - and I'm not from that far away.

I think I know Sweden quite well. I don't. So this is surely going to be an interesting journey, yet again. The reason I think I know Sweden is because I have been influenced by Swedish culture since a very early age. When I was little we could only watch Swedish TV. I have always spoken Swedish in school and with the majority of my friends "back home". Our favourite destination for shopping was always Stockholm.

Shopping, TV or Swedish literature do not prepare one for the bureaucracy or the manners or the mentality. Finnish people (generalizing again) have a tendency to say that Swedes are so happy and cheerful - how on earth will I survive that?

Living here will be far easier than living anywhere else. Knowing the language helps. Knowing people helps.

Welcome to this new journey!

* Text from "Sverige" by Kent
** The word "lagom" (enough) deserves its own post. 

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Natalie said...

What city are you in? Stockholm?

Also, it'll be easier to go visit family now, right? That's always nice. :)