Tuesday, 11 February 2014

posledné inšpirácie [SK: Recent Inspiration]

Women’s magazines. What’s your take on them? I actually hide a pile on the toilet for inspiration. I don’t buy them but I’m very happy when someone gives them to me because they are a good source for inspiration.

Had it not been for women’s magazines, I would not have thought about the following things recently:

A lot of cool destinations. Sri Lanka (looks amazing), the Canary Islands (I think it could be worth it with some effort), Croatia (we knew that already!). Speaking of cool destinations, I would be very very happy if I could go somewhere warm right now. Spring is slowly arriving in Slovakia, but having been ill for the last three weeks or so, I would really need some summer.

Turkish literature. There was an article about Elif Şafak, who seems to be a very interesting woman. I want to read something written by her. In general, I have very limited knowledge about Turkey. 

The Finnish pornography industry. The most fascinating point was that many people in the industry are actually women. Not the actresses, but the photographers, writers, movie-makers.

The art of failure. Many of us aim for goals and chase dreams; sometimes we reach them. But what happens when our dreams fail? When it turns out not to be what we expected? Or if we don’t have what it takes to maintain the dream alive? The art of failure is the art of life; for only when we have seen both sides of the coin have we lived.

How to wear the colour red and fashion in general.




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