Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Bratislava Tip: Arab Restaurant

One day, on our way home from the supermarket, our eyes caught a sign saying Arabská reštaurácia. We were a bit intrigued; Bratislava does have some restaurants of the more exotic kind, but this was the first Arab one we had bumped into.

On Sunday we went there with a few friends. The restaurant is small, but cosy. The service was good; the waiter spoke English (do not take this for granted in Slovakia), but more importantly, he was very friendly and service-minded. The restaurant had run out of some very basic things (such as coke and some wines), but we got good replacements as recommended by the waiter. The food was very tasty; simple, yet fresh. There was a lot of meat on the menu, but some of the dishes would suit a vegetarian as well. The feta cheese was delicious, and so was the Lebanese wine Smile 

My rating (I think this is the first time I do a rating in this blog): **** (out of *****).

Name of the place? Sindibad - Arabská reštaurácia

Address: Trenčianska 56F, 821 09 Bratislava – Ružinov

Website (in Slovak):

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