Saturday, 22 February 2014

Places: Ostrava

So, last week we decided to take three days off to find some adventures in the Czech Republic. First we were off to Ostrava – an old industrial centre and apparently one of the most polluted cities in Europe. I actually liked the city very much, mainly for the following reasons:

  • There were numerous bookshops. Any city that boasts with an extensive range of bookshops is a must-go.
  • I had a hot stone massage for less than 2o €. You do not want to know how much that would be in Finland Smile
  • There were a lot of green areas, and the generally speaking, the city was a mix of old and new. If you ever go to Ostrava, bring comfortable shoes.
  • Sometimes the most fascinating places are not the ones with the most beautiful architecture – Ostrava is one of these places.

How to go there? From Bratislava one may take the train heading to Warsaw and jump off at Ostrava. Another option is to catch the train going to Prague and then change trains at Breclav. The ticket is about 20€ one way and takes apr. three hours.

Where to stay? We found our accommodation at and were very happy with both the price and quality.

What to do? We were mostly just walking around. I would, however, recommend renting a car to visit places outside the city. There are some old mines, parks etc. that may well be worth a visit.

When to go? February is not ideal because of the weather, but it was OK. I think the best time to visit is either in spring or autumn.



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