Friday, 28 September 2012

Treats And Cheats

The updates have been scarce because the wifi decided to stop working completely. Life, however, has been going on as normal (as normal as possible under the circumstances).

Normal life also requires eating. Some people reading this blog appreciate the food posts so here goes, I present to thee some of the (semi-vegetarian) dishes that have made it down my mouth this week.

1. Salad with salmon, feta cheese, avocado and dried cranberries

Ingredients: lettuce, carrot, tomato, smoked salmon, feta cheese, avocado and dried cranberries.
The secret of this dish lies in the variation of texture and flavours, and how they complement each other. The first time I tasted the combo smoked salmon + cheese + dried cranberries was actually at the airport in Stockholm last weekend, and I was really surprised at how well these ingredients go together. Try it!

This salad was accompanied by a good book (the third part of 1Q84) and the essential diet coke.

2. Fruit salad

It may not look like much for the world (and the bowl makes it look even worse), but this slightly colourless fruit salad with Greek yoghurt was delicious. And the ingredients? 1 apple, 1 banana and ½ an orange. The only thing missing was a pinch of cinnamon. 

3. And then there was some cheating….
OK, those of you who know me, might be familiar with the fact that I can be picky about food, at least most of the time. One of the rules is that food should be fresh and another one holds that it should have a purpose. But. There are certain foods that bring back a lot of sentimental memories. When I visited Athens in 2003 I was always served this certain kind of croissant for breakfast. So, when I saw it in the supermarket the other day, well, of course I had to buy one. 

The truth is that it tasted good, but as far as treats go (instead of cheats), I would pick that fruit salad any day.

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