Sunday, 23 September 2012

Almost There!

First of all: gotta love Norwegian for their free (and relatively fast) wifi. It feels good to be surfing while in a plane.

So, here are some of today’s observations:
  • 4 countries in one day is quite exhausting business. Well, not long to go and we’ll reach the destination…
  • …which is Bratislava! More about the hows and whys later… my laptop is about to die so there is no time to write any novels…
  • …and it’s about to die because charging laptops at Copenhagen airport turned out to be quite impossible a task.
  • Now, flying to Copenhagen always makes me seasick – there’s always the risk of sinking in Öresund while landing. BUT – flying from Copenhagen at night is beautiful. It looks so pretty with all the lights twinkling in Copenhagen and Malmö…
  • Speaking of which, I’d love to go to Copenhagen someday (without any laptops).
  • Finns look quite misplaced wearing kilts.
  • Slovakian seems quite easy to understand. Yay to that!

P.S. E-mails are on their way! Probably tomorrow.

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ender said...

I'll be waiting for one of those e-mails.