Saturday, 29 September 2012


Saturday. I have been in Slovakia for almost a week now. Yesterday I moved into my new home, on Monday I start working.

Here are some observations from the past few days.
  • The correct adjective is Slovak and not Slovakian – remember the official name of Slovakia, the Slovak Republic. Now we know.
  • Slovak people are very friendly and helpful. I’ve only met one grumpy person in one week. Not bad! The funniest person was the eye doctor who was a hilarious old man. Another funny person was the old lady who photoshopped me – she had some serious skills.
  • I do not understand why people feel the need to poke me in the face so much.
  • When it comes to the language, tourists beware! Not everyone speaks English, knowing another Slavic language helps immensely. I keep speaking a nice mix of Polish and Russian, I’m waiting with horror what it will sound like once I add Slovak to the mix.
  • Interestingly, Slovakia in Slovak  is Slovensko, Slovenia is Slovinsko.
  • There is a train station right across the street from my house, with trains to Austria and Hungary. Score!
  • Bratislava is a great city for walking: many parts of the city (not only in the centre, but also in the suburbs) are for walking/cycling only.
And some photos. (click to make them bigger – sorry facebook friends, I know you’ve seen some of these already)

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