Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Plate Was Too Small For The Chickpeas

The plan was to still the sudden urge for chickpeas by making a salad with… well, chickpeas. Unfortunately, the plate decided to disagree with me – so the cravings for chickpeas are still alive and well. (I’m so happy I don’t get any cravings of the weirder kind… what if I would suddenly decide that crocodile meat is the one and only thing I could possibly eat… Not good).


Note to self and everyone else who likes cheese: this one was so good (well, it tasted like feta cheese) so in case you’re ever visiting Slovakia you should pay a visit to the supermarket just to get yourself some.



How did that couscous end up there instead of the chickpeas? Complete mystery.

Smoked salmon is sort of the ingredient of the week. There is not much choice if you try to keep a fairly high protein intake while refusing to cook hot food. Canned tuna is another classic, and boiled eggs (but that requires cooking!). And chickpeas!!! Smile I wonder how vegetarians do it? Dear vegetarians, how do you do it?

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