Sunday, 19 August 2012

EU Vocab

I was looking for a couple of concepts on the EU website when I bumped into their multilingual thesaurus. The best thing is that one can choose one or several languages and download the entire list. I’m so excited that I have a list consisting of 6800 (yes!!) terms in 7 different languages that I can study at night before going to sleep. Unfortunately Russian wasn’t among the available languages. The list is available in all EU-languages + Croatian and Serbian.

The thesaurus can be found here.


Natalie said...

No Ukrainian either, which is sad, but on the bright side, quite a few Slavic options (and other random languages that I don't know but am interested in anyway). Thanks for sharing!! Which languages did you download?

Oh, and a random question, now that I'm thinking of it: as a Finnish speaker, can you understand Estonian? I've heard the two languages are similar. But then again, people say that Polish and Russian are similar since they're both Slavic, and I can't understand Polish very well (at least not beyond a few words that have similar roots).

Zsuzsi said...

Natalie, I downloaded Finnish-Swedish-English-Spanish-Polish-Hungarian-Croatian :)
A lot of that vocab is very EU-specific, and it's useful for me have it in all those languages since EU jargon is a part of my daily life :)
With a little bit of imagination I can understand about 50% of written Estonian - I'd say that Swedish and Norwegian are much closer to each other than Finnish and Estonian. Spoken Estonian is really difficult to understand, for me at least.