Thursday, 22 September 2011

Size 0

I remember back in the days when size 0 was something worth striving for – somehow it felt like the ultimate goal, a real challenge. Today I’m thankful that I never achieved that crazy goal, getting there would have messed me up too much. And most importantly, what’s the sense in looking like an 8 year-old girl?

There are still ideals, though – and my current shape (although it’s quite OK) is nowhere near that. My summer ended quite unhappily and now I’m slowly starting to get back on track. Last week I went to the gym a couple of times – before Mr. Common Cold decided to come for a visit. Now that I’m assured of the fact that my nose is not going to fall off, I have dared to venture back into the gym. Yesterday we tried the newest Body Combat – release, which was lots of fun! – and I have also made some space in my schedule for body pump, yoga, running and some “normal” strength training. Can’t wait.  

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