Thursday, 1 September 2011

Odd Things - Do Not Mix Languages

Maybe I’m the only one who finds the following address rather odd:


Muotoilijankatu F porras

Aalto universitetet

Konstindustriella högskolan

Hämeentie 135




Thing is – Helsinki (in Swedish: Helsingfors) is a bilingual city, meaning that all streets etc. have both a Finnish and a Swedish name. For those of you, who don’t get this: part of the aforementioned address is in Finnish and the other part is in Swedish. I suppose the person who wrote this never met my high school English teacher who used to say: “it doesn’t matter how you speak, as long as you are consistent”. Now, he was talking about mixing different types of English, but this bold statement could probably be applied to mixing different languages as well.  



Senorita said...

I guess it's wierd, but we do a lot of mixing of English and Spanish here in the United States, so I wouldn't find it so odd.

Zsuzsi said...

Yeah, we use a lot of English words when talking, but it looks so odd in written form...