Monday, 26 September 2011

Hétfö - Monday

Strange idea of the day: people from Kosovo speak Russian. Now, why would they?

Reason for excitement: today I will finally meet my PT for some serious exercising (she was ill last week), I can’t wait!

Answer: Natalie commented something about my languages on Twitter. There are plenty of languages that I haven’t even thought about, but I probably have been learning more languages than most people. I’ve “officially” (in school or at university) studied (NB: doesn’t mean that I have a working knowledge of) the following foreign languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Latin, German, Dutch, Russian, Polish and Hungarian. I liked them all although the Italian evening-class was a bit dreary because all the old ladies kept flirting with the teacher (an Italian man) and talking about different kinds of coffee. Oh, and as you already know, in my heart nothing beats Slavic (and possible Finno-Ugric) languages, my heart melts whenever I hear someone speak those languages. Dutch is a lot of fun, though, and I wouldn’t mind knowing it – it’s like a mix of English and the Scandi languages.

Thought: it’s time to toughen up and focus on myself. I keep constructing a lot of unnecessary obstacles for myself because I think I’m not “good enough”.  

Must-do: get a passport. I have no kind of ID (now, aren’t I lucky for not being stuck in Russia), the passport got lost somewhere between my parents’ house and our flat.

Other items on “shopping-list”: contact lenses and socks. Now isn’t that exciting?

Gift for myself: a book by Czech writer Karel Capek.  



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