Saturday, 24 September 2011


C’est samedi. Wohoo, she knows French. It’s Friday (err... Saturday) night on this side of the globe: we weren’t hit by any American space stuff, we didn’t win the lottery (nor did anyone else today), I forgot to cancel a trip to the gym (because I forgot that I was actually supposed to go there), I feel like partying (although it’s only fun as long as you stay at home, as soon as you get out and have to watch all those drunk people trying to get laid you sort of sober up and start missing your own house), and I’m reading some fitness blogs. Aha. That’s inspiring.

Yesterday I had a near death-experience when I had to kind of speak Hungarian with two people called Agnés and Laszló. Point – they speak Hungarian, yours truly doesn’t. They were sweet though, just told me to have more courage.

Do Finnish people have a hard time showing emotions? Well, Mika Häkkinen cried on live TV and I have no problem going crazy in public (yes, I know, I need to learn to control my emotions). But then again, Mr. Häkkinen lives in Monaco and I’m stuck on Åland. Åland is part of Finland but God forbid someone calls them Finns… because that is not the case. (but yours truly is a Finn - not a suomenruotsalainen or ahvenanmaalainen-, of course).

And then I was reminded about something today: life is full of adventures. The moment you forget that, life starts getting dull.

And now I’m off for a glass of red. Toodles.

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