Saturday, 18 June 2011

Zsuzsi the Academic

The other day a workmate called me a typical academic*. Apparently a typical academic is a person, who’s living in his (or her) little bubble, not noticing what’s going on around him/her. Shortly, that person is absent-minded.

Now, I’m starting to think she might be right.

This week, I have managed to:

  • forget my phone at the gym (at least, I got it back)
  • destroy two gym cards and one debit card. Remember folks, mobile phones and cards with magnetic stripes should ALWAYS be kept apart. (and I was so lucky that the person attending me at the gym was a young male – he fixed it straight away without questioning anything, not to my face anyway… Hopefully he’ll be as attentive tomorrow! )
  • try to do some laundry without putting the clothes in the washing machine.

I’ve done worse things, believe me, but I’m so relieved to finally have a diagnosis that explains all the symptoms.

So, are there any other typical academics out there? What is the silliest thing you’ve done?


* Now I just need to get my Master** so that I can sort of call me an “academic” – although the right to actually use that word would require A LOT more.

** I still don’t know if that’s an MA or an MSc.. clever, right?

1 comment:

Satu said...

Minä en sitten välttämättä ole akateemikko, kun en unohtele tavaroita, tms :) Paitsi että saatan unohtaa siirtäneeni ne. Silloin on hyvä syyttää kissaa ;)

Parasta kaveriani nimitetään aina välillä hajamieliseksi professoriksi. Hän saattoi kirjoittaa 7 ällää, mutta älä anna hälle lasta vahdittavaksi... Viimeksi se löytyi 2km päästä, eikä Professorimme edes tajunnut tämän kadonneen.