Friday, 24 June 2011

Just. Some. Random. Thoughts.


… the other day, a friend commented on my workload. She thinks that I have too much to do. That comment really made me think – and I think she’s right. I do all the things I do for two reasons. One, if you love something, you should do it. And two, out of fear. Fear of having nothing to do – all these things fill my life to such an extent, that there is no reason, or time, to think about some painful issues that are locked up in my mind, which would surely start haunting me the moment I sat down and started “rolling my thumbs”…. Obviously, one should meet these thoughts, work them out… but what if there is no capacity to do that?

…so thank God I’ve found yoga. Once or twice a week I manage to achieve a state of complete relaxation and an empty mind! The instructor is a very sweet girl, too… and pretty (I might be a bit in love Smile)

… I just read an interview with a Finnish opera singer and she said something very thought-provoking about love: “I love my husband for everything he is, not despite everything he is”. (Does that sentence even make any sense?).

…listening to Hungarian makes me really, really happy!

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