Thursday, 9 June 2011

err… right…

Zsuzsi dislikes immigrants (living in Finland) who start criticizing Finland for allowing too many immigrants to enter the country. Contradiction, anyone? If it’s so horrible, why don’t they pack their suitcases and go back to wherever they came from. Adiós, I won’t miss you.

Actually, Zsuzsi dislikes anyone who shouts and criticizes and yells and screams at foreigners. There is no point in blaming your bitterness on them, they didn’t cause it. It’s not their fault that you didn’t go to school, that your job is tough one, that life has been hard on you. They won’t ruin your life.  Be a man, or a woman, and take responsibility for your life.

All this dissatisfaction is scaring me – people seem so… angry. Where did that anger come from?

Because the value of being human cannot be measured in citizenship. Or nationality. Or ethnic background. We are all worth the same, and as long as everyone contributes to society, we should not create manmade differences between us.

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keishua said...

great post. I think people get too, caught in national identity. Also, for some reason, people are apt to blame others for their unhappiness. Good for you, for speaking out against that!