Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Day Off Tomorrow…

Heh, I started my new job last week, but I’m already excited about having a day off. Tomorrow is a public holiday (and a lot of people graduate today) so there will be a lot of parties around the countries. I’m stuck with my uni books and pair of eyes that might or might not stay open for a few more hours. 

Fortunately there is at least one place that will be open tomorrow – THE GYM.


There are two gyms on “my” island, and both would have suited my needs just fine. At the end I picked the one my friends go to. It’s also fairly close to my house, it’s cheaper than the gym I went to in Spain, there’s a good selection of classes AND there is a separate strength training room for women. Today I paid for my membership and tonight I’ve been checking out everything that they offer, as well as signing up for classes. Tomorrow I’ll do yoga + strength training, on Friday it’s time for body pump and on Sunday I’ll try kettlebells. Now  I just need to figure out when I’ll have time to go for a run….


smedette said...

That reminds me...I need to start running again. The weather has been so unbelievably hot and humid...just haven't been motivated.

Congratulations on the new job.

Allie said...

you'll love kettlebells. They'll whip your butt into shape fast. Just don't go for a wimpy 15 pounder, you want a nice big 30 pounder or heavier. (approx 7 and 14 kilos respectively)