Wednesday, 4 May 2011

So much for increased security. And a bit about mothers.

The world is worrying about revenge and terrorist attacks, but when I boarded the plane this evening, nobody (I repeat, nobody) checked my passport. Am I the only one finding that a bit odd, considering the current situation?

My next topic might offend some people but it’s a risk I’ll take because being a mother doesn’t mean that you can behave in any way you want. So let’s talk about mothers who don’t know how to behave like civilized adults.

Ok – I really don’t have any right to judge anyone, and raising children is probably not very easy for anyone.

However. It seems that having a child doesn't necessarily equal growing up and behaving like an adult.

Example 1: lunch at a buffet restaurant.
A little girl (1-2 years old) is throwing food at people. Every single female at the table is cooing with amazement. And giving the kid more so that she can keep annoying people during their meal.

Example 2: airport toilet.
A woman is drying a child’s behind with some toilet paper. Not inside the booth, but on the floor right next to the basins. After she’s done, she takes the child and marches out the door, leaving all the toilet paper ON THE FLOOR.

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