Monday, 23 May 2011

Addicted to Harry Hole

Hello! Today was my first day at my new job, and what can I say: it was interesting. Life is quite a disaster at the moment – in the sense that my suitcase is still unpacked on the bed, I’m staying with my parents and the puppy keeps visiting me at 3 am for some cuddling and I have to organize a lot of things. At the same time I’m missing TT like mad – he could come up here NOW me thinks.

My plan for tonight is to watch a chapter of The Killing and keep reading a detective novel by Jo Nesbö – I’m so addicted to his books at the moment – I just can’t put them away until they’re finished (oh yes, there’s something about Scandinavian detective stories). Oh and drink tea. Tomorrow I’ll try to start getting organized, that means getting a library card, checking out one of the local gyms, visiting the tax office and studying some social psychology.

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