Sunday, 1 May 2011

My Studies

Confused relatives and friends ask about it and then stare blankly at me when they hear the answer, my mother doesn’t know what it is I’m studying, and even blog readers have made some enquiries.  So here we go, let me tell you a little bit about my studies.

Earlier, in an earlier decade, I studied Polish in Poland for a year, and then moved to England, where I studied European Studies (mainly international relations, but also some comparative politics) and Russian for four years. The third year consisted of a compulsory year abroad, so off to Moscow I went to gather impressions, experiences and lots and lots of Russian language skills. (and let me tell you - there is nothing quite as amazing as Moscow).

After graduating with a BA (Hons.), I worked for a couple of years. It was OK, but nothing that awoke my passions. Young and naïve, I decided that an entire life without passion for what you do is not the way to live, did some research and went back to university.

And now to the confusing part, which really isn’t confusing at all. I’m doing two degrees, three subjects, part-time each, but since I’m doing all of them at the same time they make more than full time. Hence, I’m busy most of the time but usually I love it.


A master’s in Decision, Risk and Policy Analysis. How do you make the best possible decision? If you know the answer, you have the power (and I want the power). Decision Theory is extremely interdisciplinary, you can apply it to almost anything that pops into your mind. I want to combine it with foreign policy, to analyse the behaviour of international actors, and also to be able to tell them what to do. Working with something like that would be incredible! It also teaches you why we make any given decision, and why we should do it. Say hello to cognitive psychology and a good deal of philosophy.


I love languages and I love Hungary. When I went there 8 years ago (oh my!), I decided that I would learn Hungarian, even if it’d the last thing I do. However, I have never believed in learning languages on their own and one of my biggest quasi-regrets is not having studied psychology after high school (although, considering my love affair with IR theory, it might not be such a great regret after all), so I decided to study psychology as my 2nd major. Good decision? You bet. Especially personality theory and social psychology are very fascinating. Psychology is a very powerful companion to decision theory, but the truth is that it’s also my Plan B for the future.

Yes, sometimes it’s hard, and I do quite a bit of complaining (especially on this blog Smile), but the truth is that I really like what I do – it’s challenging, fun and educating.

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