Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Psst - multilingual blogs

The idea of a multilingual blog sounds tempting… I’m not talking about the use of translation tools here (translation tools are evil), rather the possibility to have various blogs in their respective language at the same place.

Does anyone have any tips or ideas on how to do this?


Sebastián Moncho said...

Varios blogs con un lenguaje dedicado es muy díficil de llevar. Al tercer día te cansas =/

Natalie said...

Hm... if I am understanding you correctly, then I do have an idea. It would work better with a self-hosted WordPress blog, but I think you could do it on Blogger, too. Create a label for posts in the foreign language (for the sake of explanation, we'll use Russian as the foreign language). Tag all posts in Russian with that label, then put a link in the sidebar called "Zsuzsi in Russian" or something like that. The link will be http://sasucaaa.blogspot.com/search/label/YourLabelHere. I hope that makes sense and I hope I understood correctly what you meant.

Oh, and I totally agree: translation tools are seriously evil.

Zsuzsi said...

Sebastián, me parece que lo has intentado? :)

Natalie, thanks for the tip :) You did in fact understand me correctly.. I will check out both options (blogger and WP), and then decide :)