Thursday, 23 September 2010

Jó reggelt!

Thursday it is and I’m sitting on the ferry that will take me to Sweden. Four hours of sleep last night left my eyes tired but other than that I’m feeling great (and a bit nervous because tomorrow I’m going to uni... help! I’m scared that a) I won’t find the right place, and b) I’ll make a complete fool out of myself). Right now I’m also trying to multitask: this is a good time to do some work, while eavesdropping on some Estonians: it seems that they are going to work in Sweden, and that their boss is a horrible person (at least he keeps telling them off in bad English).

The plan for the rest of the day is simple: work, socialise, eat & possibly go for a walk in the forest (too bad I only brought high heels with me. Lol.) I might also try to find the university :D

Do you have any nice plans for today?.


Sebastián Moncho said...

Mi plan para hoy es el de siempre... ir a la oficina e invertir en ella 10 horas, por que pese a que trabajo 8'5h hago jornada partida XD.

knickknacks said...

Uni in Sweden? Hmm...I'm totally confused now. Aren't you studying in Spain already?
Anyway, not much plans for today. I just want to sleep in really. Haven't been sleeping too well for the past few days and here I am up at 4.30 am again this morning. Wonder why?

Have fun in Sweden and work those heels! ;)

Zsuzsi said...

Sebastián: aha... :)

knickknacks: it's been fun here... Hope you managed to get some extra sleep. 4.30 is really early!