Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Lesson learned: there is no reason to beg, if I ask for something and the other person makes the conscious decision to turn down my request, I have every right in the world to be upset. However, getting upset right before going to bed cannot be categorised as a  good idea, as beginning a new day with a big grey cloud above your head is hardly desirable.


Arguing should always be scheduled for after lunch and before dinner, that way there is plenty of time to make up.


Anyhow, why worry about negative things when there are so many marvellous things to look forward to?


First, I just received a text from my best English friend: they have landed in Girona and are on their way to Barcelona. Tomorrow our crazy, touristy weekend will begin. Good food, good drinks and relax, relax, relax. Our friendship goes way back to when we used to live in the same student flat in Manchester; we used to party like crazy and have sleepovers in each others rooms. Thursday was our night in when the three of us shared a bottle of bacardi or malibu and pondered upon the meaning of life. Primark used to be our second home, and in the evenings we would go for long walks down Oxford Road to Piccadilly Circus and back.  


Second, there is a lot of entertainment going on: family dinners, coffee with a new friend who seems to be a supersweet girl. Très bien.


Third, IN TWO WEEKS I WILL BE AT MADRID BARAJAS, ABOUT TO BOARD THE PLANE FOR COPENHAGEN. THIS IS SOMETHING SO EXCITING THAT IT DESERVES CAPITAL LETTERS! Presuming that Spanair/SAS will stay in the air (and I have some serious doubts), I will eat raspberries in Stockholm, sip on a coctail on the ferry, mess around with friends in Aland, SLEEP and go second hand shopping in Turku/Lahti/Helsinki (not sure yet).



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Sebastián Moncho said...

I would like to visit Helsinki. Finland looks to be a wonderful country